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Main Features

  1. Unlimited document storage for clients and staff members.
  2. Custom configurations to be HIPAA compliant.
  3. A comprehensive calendar keeps you organized with preview times, locations, and units used with each service encounter.
  4. Unlimited note templates with custom sections.
  5. Scheduling of visits and notes with electronic signatures.
  6. Billing reports and automatically generated services for any time range: daily, weekly, monthly or by appointment.
  7. Module integrated with ABA with data collection, generation of graphs and unlimited reports.
  8. Management of personnel documents with expiration alerts.
  9. Management of customer documents with expiration alerts.
  10. Payroll report generator with everything you need to execute the payment of your employees.
  11. Videos and help guides for managing the program.
  12. Technical support by phone, E-mail, chat or SMS. Acceptance of customization requests in the program.
  13. Daily backup copies and generation of documents on encrypted servers with the highest security provided by Microsoft services.

Additional Functions

(available in future updates)

  • Smart audit module will allow you to make more efficient reviews of schedules, notes, and reports.
  • A billing module with electronic files will allow you to automatically obtain visits already scheduled in the system and generate direct Claims with the insurer (integration with Medicaid).
  • Module to allow guardians or parents to access the system and check the hours, grades, and service logs pending to be signed.
  • Mobile application of EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) with geolocation.
  • Telehealth module to allow audio and video therapies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How the entry time feature can help you well?

The calendar component allows your staff to add service schedules that reflect and enforce pre-configured authorization restrictions to avoid schedule overlaps or overages. It also allows providers to add progress notes directly to their calendar and obtain signatures from their supervisors via an automatic notification system.

Can I Collect and Analyze My Data?

Input behavioral reduction and skill acquisition data directly into our modern platform. You can configure service plan libraries detailing the long- and short-term objectives that will then automatically be reflected in progress notes and graphs as data is collected and progress is made.

Does it include different types of Reports?

Our dynamic reporting system gives you access to many basic and advanced reports, such as payroll, billing, appointment details, and much more. We can help you create reports that can be imported directly from a third-party portal.

Is the Billing Process intuitive?

You can update by day, week or monthly; even when a staff member gives you their appointment. Payments are automatically posted for your review. This dramatically reduces the time spent billing and having to manually enter payments, facilitated by automation by the app.

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