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 Preparing your Progress Notes and Service Reports has never been so easy. You just sit back and our software will do the work for you.


We make it easy for you and your staff to log service and work hours with a calendar that integrates scheduling with billing and the creation of progress notes, all the way down to adding electronic signatures.
Avoid having your personnel worry about service codes and overlaps with user-friendly software that can be programmed with automatically enforced restrictions, so providers can focus on reporting progress for each of their services in a personalized manner.
With our Calendar feature, you can quickly preview the times, locations, and units used during each service encounter.


Simplify your billing process with automatically-generated service and billing reports. You can electronically file claims and send invoices to your clearinghouse using information inputted by your personnel via their Calendar feature.
You can create reports for any range of time (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) or even by appointment, allowing you to bill immediately after services were rendered. Payments to be made are automatically posted for your review, dramatically reducing the time spent having to enter payments manually through your clearinghouse.
Our services will become one of your most coveted and reliable tools for claims and payment accounting.

Create Personalized
Progress Notes

The Note Composer tool allows providers to create personalized templates for multiple different service types, with features that save time and reduce the possibility of basic errors during the entry of information.


Access, create and download basic and advanced reports ranging from billing reports to monthly service reports detailing therapeutic progress, thanks to our dynamic reporting system.
Generate documents reflecting provider, client, and service information, which will remain stored on our encrypted serves.
Not only can you create your own reports using Admin TCA, however, you can also import reports directly from a third-party portal.

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Integrated with ABA

Our platform was designed to make it easy for ABA providers to collect skill acquisition and behavioral reduction data using a variety of measurement procedures, including frequency, duration, rate, partial interval, and momentary time sampling. Add your long-term and short-term objectives to the software to generate interactive graphs with features including annotations and phase change lines so you can analyze progress.


Admin TCA will allow you to generate Payroll Reports with everything you need to execute payments for your employees as well as to analyze your financial data so you can optimize your services.
Even if you choose to use a different billing platform, we can directly import your payroll report into our application. We can also customize a Payroll Report tailored to your needs, subject-to-state or service-type specific regulations and laws.

Documentation Management

Easily download our document management system on your laptop or any other device where you have access to a web browser so you can store employee documentation on a secure platform from any location.
You can upload any type of required documentation (including formats like JPG, PDF, etc) and add notifications to alert you to the expiration of important documents or certifications your field of work may require, including recruitment, accreditations, CEU’s, background screenings, and other personal documents you must keep up to date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How the entry time feature can help you well?

The calendar component allows your staff to add service schedules that reflect and enforce pre-configured authorization restrictions to avoid schedule overlaps or overages. It also allows providers to add progress notes directly to their calendar and obtain signatures from their supervisors via an automatic notification system.

Can I Collect and Analyze My Data?

Input behavioral reduction and skill acquisition data directly into our modern platform. You can configure service plan libraries detailing the long- and short-term objectives that will then automatically be reflected in progress notes and graphs as data is collected and progress is made.

Does it include different types of Reports?

Our dynamic reporting system gives you access to many basic and advanced reports, such as payroll, billing, appointment details, and much more. We can help you create reports that can be imported directly from a third-party portal.

Is the Billing Process intuitive?

You can update by day, week or monthly; even when a staff member gives you their appointment. Payments are automatically posted for your review. This dramatically reduces the time spent billing and having to manually enter payments, facilitated by automation by the app.

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