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our purpose is your satisfaction.

Modular System

Achieve maximum efficiency with a modular and integrated system.

Secure Platform

Admin TCA offers the highest level of security and reliability with our encrypted services.

HIPAA Compliant

Comply with HIPAA regulations easily, reducing possible risk of security breach without reducing user-friendliness.

Our Goals

Admin TCA was founded in response to the feedback and opinions of DD and ABA providers whose experiences with other administrative software left them feeling like they did not have all the tools they needed. Our goal is to provide a simple, powerful, and secure administrative management system for therapy providers of all sizes and needs. We continue to work based on our customer’s feedback to improve our platform and we encourage all our clients to provide their valuable opinions via submitted testimony or simply through our online help chats, because Admin TCA was designed to adjust to your needs.

Premium Features

Following the rule of “keep it simple,” we have launched modules that provide a basic, easy-to-understand foundation you can build on to fit the needs of your specific business model.


Easily provide framework calendars to log work hours for multiple employees and providers by pre-configuring schedule restrictions and service authorization limits that can be specified by work type or service type.


Create invoices with agile tools that automatically calculate units based on services logged within the system.


Access, create and download basic and advanced reports ranging from billing reports to monthly service reports detailing therapeutic progress, thanks to our dynamic reporting system.

Applied behavior analysis

On our platform you can collect behavioral reduction and skill acquisition data to graph and analyze the progress of therapy.


Create and download standard payroll reports that provide you with all the information you need to execute your payment of employees.

Documentation Management

Keep your personnel and client records up to date and in compliance with the latest requirements by programming expiration date notifications that automatically notify you when new documents must be turned in.

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