How to pre-save a Signature?

Steps 1 and 2- Click on the MY ACCOUNT menu and then on DETAIL.

Fig. Steps 1 and 2.

Steps 3 and 4- In the DETAIL section, click on the SIGNATURES tab and then on the + ADD button.

Fig. Steps 3 and 4.

Step 5- Click on the text box and write the name to identify the signature.

Step 6- Read the consent report and click the checkbox if you agree.

Step 7- Draw your signature inside the white box.

Step 8 (Optional) – You can insert an external image with your signature by clicking on the UPLOAD IMAGE button..

Note: With the CLEAR button to the left of the UPLOAD IMAGE button, you can restart your signature if any errors occur.

Step 9- Click on the SAVE CHANGES button to conclude.

Fig. Steps from 5 to 9.

Step by Step Video Tutorial

September 22, 2021

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